Polina Magiy is a Russian born, UK based footwear designer. She has mastered shoemaking at the prestigious London College of Fashion, graduating in 2012 with a First Class Honours Degree.

Before setting up her footwear label, she has trained for some of the most high-profile names in the industry including Jonathan Kelsey, Aruna Seth, Alexander McQueen and Finsk, she honed her skills further by collaborating with Russian Fashion Ateliers, as well as helping set up and launch new start up brands.

One of the highlights of Polina’s career lies in designing a pair of shoes for one of her clients, which were worn by a member of the Royal Family during the Royal Wedding back in 2011.

Polina launched her footwear label with the aim to create footwear she always wanted to wear and could never find. “I embarked on a mission to create shoes that were beautifully crafted, elegant yet with a touch of fun. I knew I wanted them to be showstoppers, so people would notice them straight away.”

Polina’s inspirations come from her passion for travelling, art, exploring flee market and general life curiosity.

All Polina Magiy’s shoes are beautifully handcrafted in an artisan factory in Italy, where Polina herself handpicks only the best quality leathers, textile fixtures materials. Each shoe is carefully assembled by highly qualified workers in an artisan workshop, where Polina travels to on a regular basis.

Polina designs for free spirited women, who have a big sense of individuality and identity, who love taking risk and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.